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  • Imitation and the social mind : Autism and typical development
  • Tipul înregistrării: Text tipărit: monografic
    Editor: Rogers, Sally J.
    Editor: Williams, Justin H. G.
    Responsabilitate: edited by Sally J. Rogers, Justin H.G. Williams
    Editura: Guilford Press
    Locul publicării: New York London
    Anul Ediției: 2006
    ISBN: 1-59385-311-4
    ISBN: 978-1-59385-311-2
    Descriere: XIV, 466 p. : il.; 25 cm
    Limba: Engleză
    Subiect: Medicină - Patologie. Medicină clinică - Psihiatrie. Psihiatrie patologică, psihopatologie. Frenopatii. Psihoze. Anomalii mintale. Stări morbide mintale. Tulburări emoţionale şi de comportament - Autism
    Subiect: Autism
    Subiect: Copii - Autism
    Clasificare: 616.89-053.2
    Cota topografică: 616 / I-47
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Part I: Imitation in typical development: Studies of imitation in early infancy: findings and theories / Sally J. Rogers -- Vocal and action imitation by infants and toddlers during dyadic interactions: development, causes, and consequences / Elise Frank Masur -- Instrumental, social, and shared goals and intentions in imitation / Malinda Carpenter -- Mimicry and autism: bases and consequences of rapid, automatic matching behavior / Eric J. Moody, Daniel N. McIntosh -- Imitation and the development of language / Tony Charman -- Does imitation matter to children with autism? / Jacqueline Nadel -- Imitation and self-recognition in autism: in search of an explanation / Mark Nielsen, Thomas Suddendorf, Cheryl Dissanayake -- Imitation: theory of mind, and cultural knowledge: perspectives from typical development and autism / Eva Loth, Juan Carlos Gómez -- Imitation, identification, and the shaping of mind: insights from autism / Peter Hobson, Jessica Meyer. Part II: Evolutionary and neural bases of imitation:The dissection of imitation and its "cognitive kin" in comparative and developmental psychology Andrew Whiten -- A cognitive neuroscience view of imitation / Jean Decety -- Imitation in autism: findings and controversies / Sally J. Rogers, Justin H.G. Williams -- Longitudinal research on motor imitation in autism / Susan L. Hepburn, Wendy L. Stone -- Measuring the development of motor-control processes in neurodevelopmental disorders / Mark Mon-Williams, James R. Tresilian -- Neuroimaging self-other mapping in autism / Justin H.G. Williams, Gordon D. Waiter -- Assessment of imitation abilities in autism: conceptual and methodological issues / Isabel M. Smith, Crystal Lowe-Pearce, Shana L. Nichols -- The effect of motor disorders on imitation in children / Deborah Dewey, Shauna Bottos -- Conclusions / Bruce F. Pennington, Justin H.G. Williams, Sally J. Rogers
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