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  • Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences : No. 2
  • Tipul înregistrării: Text tipărit: serial
    Redactorul ediţiei: Damian, Gheorghe Ştefan, (ed.)
    Autor colectiv: Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca
    Responsabilitate: North University Center of Baia Mare ; Chief ed. prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe Ştefan Damian
    Detalii publicare: North University Center of Baia Mare
    Locul publicării: Baia Mare
    Anul Ediției: 2018
    ISSN: 1842-4090
    Limba: Engleză
    În: Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences / North University Center of Baia Mare . - Baia Mare : North University Center of Baia Mare, 2018
    Subiect: Ştiinţa mediului înconjurător
    Subiect: Ştiinţele pământului. Ştiinţe geologice
    Clasificare: 504(05)
    Clasificare: 55(05)
    Cota topografică: 504(05) / C 26
    Numerotare seriale: Vol. 13, No. 2
    Note conţinut: 1. Hydro-geochemical and statistical characterization of groundwater in the south of Khenchela, El Meita Area; 2. Micromorphological aspects of flooded soils in Mosoule Rudkhan watershed, north of Iran; 3. Assessment of sediment pollution using chemical and biological trait approach; 4. Assessment of torrential flood susceptibility using GIS Matrix Method: Case study - Vrbas river basin; 5. The influence of geological substrate on the faunal structure of the superficial subterranean habitats; 6. Eutrophication risk of water in the manor-park channels: Different ways of evaluation; 7. Spatiotemporal variability in headwater stream chemistry in the young-glacial landscape of the Southern Baltic coastal zone; 8. Assessment of chemical elements in soil, grapes and wine from two representative vineyards in Romania; 9. Influence of river water diversion on hydrogeochemistry and REE distribution, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 10. Geospatial techniques for the analysis of hypsometric parameters of a humid tropical river basin, South Western Ghats, India; 11. The quality of water and soil in Haneş mining area, Alba County; 12. Concentration of heavy metals in soils along three major roads of Sulaimani, Northeast Iraq; 13. Miocene sulfates of the Tyras'ka Formation at Khodoriv, Ukraine; 14. Impact of flooding on soil enzyme activity in environmentally sensitive areas; 15. Summer thermal discomfort conditions in Romania under climate change scenarios; 16. The impact of watermills on changes in the hydrographic network in the Carpathian Foothills in Poland
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Nume localizare: Sală periodice corp I
Numere deţinute: Vol. 13, No. 2
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