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  • IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics : A Publication of the IEEE Power Electronics Society : Number 4
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    Autor colectiv: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    Responsabilitate: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    Detalii publicare: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    Locul publicării: Piscataway
    Anul Ediției: 2018
    ISSN: 0885-8993
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    Limba: Engleză
    În: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers . - Piscataway : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2018
    Subiect: Circuite integrate
    Subiect: Computer software-quality control
    Subiect: Digital integrated circuits
    Subiect: Electronic digital computers-circuits
    Subiect: Electronică
    Subiect: Electronică de Putere
    Subiect: Logic circuits
    Clasificare: 004(05)
    Clasificare: 621.3(05)
    Cota topografică: 62(05) / I-35
    Numerotare seriale: Volume 33, Number 4, April
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Prethreshold Voltage as a Low-Component Count Temperature Sensitive Electrical Parameter Without Self-Heating - p. 2787
    Note conţinut (cuprins): An Electrical Model of a Dielectric Elastomer Generator - p. 2792
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Simple Open-Circuit Detection Strategy for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected PV Inverter Fed From Power Optimizers - p. 2798
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Δ-Y Hybrid Impedance Network Boost Converter With Reduced Input Current Ripple - p. 2803
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Nonzero Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode in Certain Z-Source Converters - p. 2809
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 2-Phase 3-Level ETSM With Mismatch-Free Duty Cycles Achieving 88.6% Peak Efficiency for a 20-MHz LTE RF Power Amplifier - p. 2815
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Battery/Ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System for Implementing the Power Management of Virtual Synchronous Generators - p. 2820
    Note conţinut (cuprins): RGSE-Based SPICE Model of Ferrite Core Losses - p. 2825
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Efficiency Optimization for Wireless Dynamic Charging System With Overlapped DD Coil Arrays - p. 2832
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Cascaded Dual-Buck Inverter With Reduced Number of Inductors - p. 2847
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Star-Channel Modular Multilevel Converter for Zero/Low-Fundamental-Frequency Operation Without Injecting Common-Mode Voltage - p. 2857
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Protection Scheme for Modular Multilevel Converters Under Diode Open-Circuit Faults - p. 2866
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Fully Modular Control Strategy for Input-Series Output-Parallel (ISOP) Inverter System Based on Positive Output-Voltage-Amplitude Gradient - p. 2878
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Generalized Control Approach for a Class of Modular Multilevel Converter Topologies - p. 2888
    Note conţinut (cuprins): An Adaptive Voltage-Balancing Method for High-Power Modular Multilevel Converters - p. 2901
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Design Optimization Tool for Maximizing the Power Density of 3-Phase DC–AC Converters Using Silicon Carbide (SiC) Devices - p. 2913
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Soft-Switching Solid-State Transformer (S4T) - p. 2933
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Characterization of a Countercurrent Injection-Based HVDC Circuit Breaker - p. 2948
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Bidirectional Resonant DC–DC Converter Suitable for Wide Voltage Gain Range - p. 2957
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Dual Half-Bridge Phase-Shifted Converter With Wide ZVZCS Switching Range - p. 2976
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Dual Half-Bridge Phase-Shifted Converter With Wide ZVZCS Switching Range - p. 2986
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Capacitor Voltage Balancing Method for a Modular Multilevel DC Transformer for DC Distribution System - p. 3002
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Analytical Design of Passive LCL Filter for Three-Phase Two-Level Power Factor Correction Rectifiers - p. 3012
    Note conţinut (cuprins): AC–DC–AC Single-Phase Multilevel Six-Leg Converter With a Reduced Number of Controlled Switches - p. 3023
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Reconfiguration Algorithm to Reduce Power Losses in Offshore HVDC Transmission Lines - p. 3034
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Novel Structure for Bridge-Type Fault Current Limiter: Capacitor-Based Nonsuperconducting FCL - p. 3044
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Beat Frequency Oscillation Analysis for Power Electronic Converters in DC Nanogrid Based on Crossed Frequency Output Impedance Matrix Model - p. 3052
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Fast Method to Optimize Efficiency and Stray Magnetic Field for Inductive-Power-Transfer Coils Using Lumped-Loops Model - p. 3065
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Reduction in Radiation Noise Level for Inductive Power Transfer Systems Using Spread Spectrum Techniques - p. 3076
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Design, Modeling, and Control of a Novel Hybrid-Excited Flux-Bidirectional-Modulated Generator-Based Wind Power Generation System - p. 3086
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Finite Position Set-Phase Locked Loop for Sensorless Control of Direct-Driven Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generators - p. 3097
    Note conţinut (cuprins): New Parallel Loaded Resonant Converter With Wide Output Voltage Range - p. 3106
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Family of Dual-Buck Inverters With an Extended Low-Voltage DC-Input Port for Efficiency Improvement Based on Dual-Input Pulsating Voltage-Source Cells - p. 3115
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Robust Control Scheme Based on ISMC for the Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Machine - p. 3129
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Triple-Mode Wireless Power-Receiving Unit With 85.5% System Efficiency for A4WP, WPC, and PMA Applications - p. 3141
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Hybrid Nonisolated DC–DC Converters Derived From a Passive Switched-Capacitor Cell - p. 3157
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Analysis of a Novel Zero-Voltage-Switching Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for Energy Storage System - p. 3169
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Low Mass Power Electronics Unit to Drive Piezoelectric Actuators for Flying Microrobots - p. 3180
    Note conţinut (cuprins): An Overlap-Time Compensation Method for Current-Source Space-Vector PWM Inverters - p. 3192
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Single Phase AC/DC/AC Converter With Unified Ripple Power Decoupling - p. 3204
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Attenuate Influence of Parasitic Elements in 13.56-MHz Inverter for Wireless Power Transfer Systems - p. 3218
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A 200-ps-Response-Time Output-Capacitorless Low-Dropout Regulator With Unity-Gain Bandwidth >100 MHz in 130-nm CMOS - p. 3232
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Modular Tri-Port High-Power Converter for SRM Based Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Trucks - p. 3247
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Dead-Time-Controlled Gate Driver Using Current-Sense FET Integrated in SiC MOSFET - p. 3258
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Evaluation of Carrier-Based Modulation Techniques With Common-Mode Voltage Reduction for Neutral Point Clamped Converter - p. 3268
    Note conţinut (cuprins): An Efficient DSP–FPGA-Based Implementation of Hybrid PWM for Electric Rail Traction Induction Motor Control - p. 3276
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Characterization and Performance Evaluation of the Superjunction RB-IGBT in Matrix Converter - p. 3289
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Impact of Slim DC Capacitance on Floating Capacitor H-bridge Motor Drive - p. 3302
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Investigation of Magnetic Field Interharmonics and Sideband Vibration in the FSCW IPMSM Drive With the SPWM Technique - p. 3315
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Increasing Efficiency of a Wireless Energy Transfer System by Spatial Translational Transformation - p. 3325
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Systematic Design of Coils in Series–Series Inductive Power Transfer for Power Transferability and Efficiency - p. 3333
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Magnetic Design Method Considering DC-Biased Magnetization for Integrated Magnetic Components Used in Multiphase Boost Converters - p. 3346
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A High-Voltage “Quasi-p-LDMOS” Using Electrons as Carriers in Drift Region Applied for SPIC - p. 3363
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A High-Efficiency Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Buck-Type LED Driver With Average Current Correction Technique - p. 3375
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Dynamic RON Characterization Technique for the Evaluation of Thermal and Off-State Voltage Stress of GaN Switches - p. 3386
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A New Methodology to Estimate the Rotating Phase of a BLDC Motor With Its Application in Variable-Speed Bearing Fault Diagnosis - p. 3399
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Primary Source Inductive Energy Analysis Based Real-Time Multiple Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis in Two-Level Three-Phase PWM Boost Rectifier - p. 3411
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Real-Time Junction Temperature Sensing for Silicon Carbide MOSFET With Different Gate Drive Topologies and Different Operating Conditions - p. 3424
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Analysis of DC-Link Current Influence on Temperature Variation of Capacitor in a Wind Turbine Application - p. 3441
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Open-Switch Fault-Diagnostic Method for Back-to-Back Converters of a Doubly Fed Wind Power Generation System - p. 3452
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Single-Phase Boost Inverter-Based Electric Vehicle Charger With Integrated Vehicle to Grid Reactive Power Compensation - p. 3462
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Differential Algebraic Equations and Averaged Models for Switched Capacitor Converters with State Jumps - p. 3472
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Fast and Flexible Selective Harmonic Extraction Methods Based on the Generalized Discrete Fourier Transform - p. 3484
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Systematic Derivation of Dead-Zone Elimination Strategies for the Noninverting Synchronous Buck–Boost Converter - p. 3497
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Simplified Small-Signal Model for Output Voltage Control of Asymmetric Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter - p. 3509
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Power Management for a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid With Multiple - p. 3520
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Modeling and Decoupled Control of a Buck–Boost and Stacked Dual Half-Bridge Integrated Bidirectional DC–DC Converter - p. 3534
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Current Sensorless Control for Dual Active Bridge DC–DC Converter with Estimated Load-Current Feedforward - p. 3552
    Note conţinut (cuprins): DC-Link Capacitor Second Carrier Band Switching Harmonic Current Reduction in Two-Level Back-to-Back Converters - p. 3567
    Note conţinut (cuprins): An Improved DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy for Grid Connected Converters - p. 3575
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Constant Switching Frequency Finite-Control-Set Predictive Current Control Scheme of a Five-Phase Inverter With Duty-Ratio Optimization - p. 3583
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Maximum Energy Efficiency Operation of Series-Series Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Systems Using On-Off Keying Modulation - p. 3595
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Primary Side Control For Flyback Converter Operating in DCM and CCM - p. 3604
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Coordinated Source Control for Output Power Stabilization and Efficiency Optimization in WPT - p. 3613
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Simple Strategy for Parameters Identification of SRM Direct Instantaneous Torque Control - p. 3622
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A Predictive-Control-Based Over-Modulation Method for Conventional Matrix Converters - p. 3631
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Reduced-Order Models for Representing Converters in Power System Studies - p. 3644
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Torque Ripple Minimization of PMSM Based on Robust ILC Via Adaptive Sliding Mode Control - p. 3655
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Transient analysis of three-phase high-power voltage source inverter with nonlinearities in hybrid electric vehicles - p. 3672
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Numere deţinute: Volume 33, Number 4, April
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