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  • Revue Roumaine de Chimie = Roumanian Journal of Chemistry : No. 3
  • Tipul înregistrării: Text tipărit: serial
    Selectator/Antologator/Redactor: Andruh, Marius
    Autor colectiv: Academia Română
    Responsabilitate: Académie Roumaine ; Ed.-in-chief Marius Andruh
    Titlu Paralel: Roumanian Journal of Chemistry : No. 3
    Detalii publicare: Academia Română
    Locul publicării: Bucureşti
    Anul Ediției: 2018
    ISSN: 0035-3930
    Note: Are şi ediţie online (
    Limba: Engleză
    În: Revue Roumaine de Chimie / Académie Roumaine . - Bucureşti : Academia Română, 2018
    Subiect: Chimie
    Subiect: Chimie analitică
    Subiect: Chimie in genaral
    Subiect: Publicaţii periodice şi seriale
    Subiect: Publicaţiile Academiei Române
    Clasificare: 54(05)
    Clasificare: 542(05)
    Clasificare: 546(05)
    Clasificare: 547(05)
    Cota topografică: 54(05) / R 49
    Numerotare seriale: Tome 63, No. 3 (March)
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Synthesis, spectroscopic studies, antibacterial activity of chalcones and colorimetric evaluation of the time-killing assay for newly synthesized chalcones using resazurin - p. 161
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Feature extraction using linear and nonlinear QSAR study on several taxol derivatives as anticancer drugs - p. 171
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Industrial analysis of catalytic reforming reactors - p. 181
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Some azo dyes containing eugenol and guaiacol synthesis, antioxidant capacity, urease inhibitory properties and anti-Helicobacter pylori activity - p. 189
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Chemical analysis of essential oil from Echinops spinosus L. roots: antimicrobial and antioxidant activities - p. 199
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Vincamine residues analysis using HPLC and establishing limits of cross-contamination in support of cleaning validation - p. 205
    Note conţinut (cuprins): QSAR investigation on the feature selection of the letrozole derivatives as anticancer drugs - p. 217
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Synthesis, in silico study and cholinesterases inhibition activity of 2-substituted 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one derivatives - p. 227
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Mechanism of chlorination process: from acetic acid to monochloroacetic acid and byproducts using acetic anhydride as catalyst - p. 235
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Clarification of stereochemistry aspects for N-hydroxy-5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximide derivatives and elucidation of them by experimental and theoretical investigations, including the synthesis of N,N-bis-(5-exo-norbornene-2,3-dicarboxyimidyl) carbonate - p. 245
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Număr Copie: c.1
Nume localizare: Sală periodice corp I
Numere deţinute: Tome 63, No. 3 (March)
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