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  • Environmental Engineering and Management Journal : No. 7
  • Tipul înregistrării: Text tipărit: serial
    Fondator: Macoveanu, Matei
    Editor: Gavrilescu, Maria
    Autor colectiv: Universitatea Tehnică "Gheorghe Asachi" din Iaşi
    Responsabilitate: "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi. Faculty of Industrial Chemistry. Department of Environmental Engineering ; Founding Editor Matei Macoveanu ; Ed.-in-Chief prof. Maria Gavrilescu
    Detalii publicare: Publishing House EcoZone
    Locul publicării: Iaşi
    Anul Ediției: 2018
    ISSN: 1582-9596
    Note: Are şi ediţie online (
    Limba: Engleză
    În: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal / "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi. Faculty of Industrial Chemistry. Department of Environmental Engineering . - Iaşi : Publishing House EcoZone, 2018
    Subiect: Analiză multicritorială
    Subiect: Inginerie chimică
    Subiect: Management
    Subiect: Protecţia mediului
    Subiect: Ştiinţa mediului înconjurător
    Clasificare: 502/504(05)
    Clasificare: 577(05)
    Cota topografică: 504(05) / E 58
    Numerotare seriale: Vol. 17, No. 7 (July)
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Efficiency of an electrocoagulation treatment of water contaminated by hydrocarbons in a continuous mode powered by photovoltaic solar modules - p. 1521
    Note conţinut (cuprins): A brief review on recent advances in air-cathode microbial fuel cells - p. 1531
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Comparing Mamdani and Sugeno hierarchical fuzzy systems for environmental impact assessment: A pipeline project case study - p. 1545
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Dimension and structural traits of soil micropores in cultivations differing in the duration of organic management - p. 1555
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Changes of arsenic speciation during swine manure windrow composting at full scale - p. 1563
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Integrated use of two microalgal species for the treatment of aquaculture effluent and biomass production - p. 1575
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Environmental performance of sajor-caju mushroom production based on farm sizes in Thailand - p. 1583
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Indirect environment-related effects of electric car vehicles use - p. 1591
    Note conţinut (cuprins): The insurance effect: how to increase the investment amount in green buildings - A model-based approach to reduce the energy efficiency gap - p. 1599
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Adsorption behavior of gadolinium(III) from aqueous solution by D418 resin - p. 1613
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Removal of hexavalent chromium using two innovative adsorbents - p. 1621
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Vertical distribution and potential mobility of heavy metals in new and old tailings of a lead/zinc sulfide mine - p. 1635
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Supply chain emission reduction optimization under consumer carbon sensitivity and carbon tax policy - p. 1645
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Factors affecting the pattern of vegetation carbon density in a karst region in Northwest Guangxi, China - p. 1657
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Analysis of commercially available bottled water in Poland - p. 1667
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Survey of industrial wastewater treatment performance with biological monitoring of protozoa in the industrial park of Abadan - p. 1679
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Application of Response Surface Methodology (RSM) for optimization of zinc extraction from anaerobic sewage sludge - p. 1685
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Analysis of the continuous measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations in Beirut, Lebanon - p. 1693
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Contrastive soil properties, microbial structure and soil enzymes in the rhizosphere of Scirpus triqueter and bulk soil in petroleum-contaminated wetland - p. 1701
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Study of nitrogen forms in the seasonal dynamics and kinetics of nitrification and de-nitrification in Prut and Nistru river waters - p. 1711
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Physical networks based on gelatin and azo-polysiloxanes - p. 1721
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Energy sources analysis in the perspective of sustainable development - p. 1729
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Heavy metals content in the sprouts of Glyceria maxima (Hartm.) Holmb. and in river sediments (Northern Poland) - p. 1743
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Research on wastewaters bioremediation with aquatic species for constructed wetlands - p. 1753
    Note conţinut (cuprins): Environmentally friendly cellulosic fibers from corn stalks - p. 1765
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    Data și ora ultimei accesări: 20181211
Număr Copie: c.1
Nume localizare: Sală periodice corp I
Numere deţinute: Vol. 17, No. 7 (July)
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