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  • Analele Universităţii din Craiova. Biologie, Horticultură, Tehnologia prelucrării produselor agricole, Ingineria mediului = Annales of the University of Craiova. Biology, Horticulture, Food Produce Processing Technology, Environmental Engineering
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    Autor colectiv: Universitatea din Craiova
    Titlu Paralel: Annales of the University of Craiova. Biology, Horticulture, Food Produce Processing Technology, Environmental Engineering
    Editura: Universitaria
    Locul publicării: Craiova
    Anul Ediției: 2018
    ISSN: 1453-1275
    Limba: Engleză
    Titlu paralel: Annales of the University of Craiova. Biology, Horticulture, Food Produce Processing Technology, Environmental Engineering
    Subiect: Biologie
    Subiect: Horticultură
    Subiect: Lucrări ştiinţifice universitare
    Clasificare: 378.4(498)(05)
    Clasificare: 57:634(05)
    Clasificare: 634:57(05)
    Cota topografică: 57(05) / A 48
    Numerotare seriale: Vol. XXIII (LIX)
    Note conţinut (cuprins): I. Horticulture and food products processing technology
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 1. Comparative analysis of total antioxidant potential of four purple potato genotypes and several berries fruits - p. 5
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 2. Researches on the enological potential of the sauvignon cultivar in hills wine zones of Oltenia - p.11
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 3. Experimental study on granulometry of cleaned materials with the cylindrical selector - p. 17
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 4. Assessment of the influence of the factors variety and green pruning treatments on the average grape yield based on the mathematical - statistical analysis - p. 123
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 5. Effect of stimulants on the capacity of rooting of the Sambucus nigral L. cuttings for conservations in germplasm collections - p. 28
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 6. The qualitative aspects on some specialties of bread with seeds - p. 34
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 7. Quality control of some canned tomatoes - p. 40
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 8. Suitability of climatic and bioclimatic factors for table grapes in Simnicu de Sus Vineyard - p. 46
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 9. Correlates regarding the technological qualities of the some hybrid elites for table grapes compared with parental varieties - p. 54
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 10. The determination of resistance o thermal and of water stress to the native varieties of watermelons - p. 58
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 11. In vitro micropropagation of Oscularia deltoides species and opportunities to use it in setting-up in vitro gardens - p. 64
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 12. Studies on the efect of ecoclimatic resources of viticultural areas on young grapevine growing - p. 69
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 13. Influence of phytosanitary treatments on the tubers production and of quality at sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas [L] Lam.) cultivated on sandy soil - p. 75
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 14. Research on the influence of the plating epoch and the method of culture on the nutritional quality of potato crop on sandy soils in southern Oltenia - p. 83
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 15. Trends of table grapes production and consumption in Bulgaria - p. 89
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 16. Studies on the pedological offer of some areas in northern Oltenia for vine cultivation - p. 96
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 17. Effect of repeted frying process on chemical composition of edible vegetable oils - p. 109
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 18. Effect of ripening stage on the total phenolics content, lycopene and antioxidant activity of tomato fruits grown to a geothermal greenhouse - p. 115
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 19. Researches regarding some of the abnormalities in pollen tubes peach and nectarine - p. 121
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 20. Effect of plant density, irrigation and n-fertilization leves on polyphenol contents and antioxidant activity of leaves Cannabis Sativa - p. 128
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 21. Foliar fertilization in earlytomatoes cultivated in an area of N.P.K. reduced agrofond, in respect of production and rentability rate - p. 134
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 22. Tradition and quality of Romanian viticulture - p. 139
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 23. Xeriscaping - p. 144
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 24. Vibration method for walnuts (Juglans Regia L.) harvesting - p. 150
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 25. Control of wine quality parameters and their development in time - p. 154
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 26. Study on the use of asfank in Lactuca Sativa L. Culture - p. 160
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 27. The influence of pot size and cycocel on growth and flowering of Abutilon Hybridum Hort. ex Voss plants - p. 166
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 28. Effect of maturity stage on the phenolic composition, vitamin C and antioxidant activity of agen skopelou plums - p. 178
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 29. The influence of growth regulators on increasing the degree of setting and fruit production in the edared apple plantation - p. 184
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 30. Study of pedoclimatic factors which characterize the vineyard areal from Segarcea - p. 190
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 31. Study of pedoclimatic factors which characterize the vineyard areal from Dăbuleni - p. 194
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 32. Study of pedological factors which characterize the wine Surround of Șimnic - p. 205
    Note conţinut (cuprins): II. Biology and environmental engineering
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 1. On the freshwater tricladid flatworms (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida) in the urban areas of Craiova (Romania) - p. 275
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 2. Researches on the influence of climate change on the quality of wine-production in the Sâmburești vineyard - p. 286
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 3. Calamintha officinalis Moench (Lamiaceae) - histo-anatomical and preliminary chromatographic researches - p. 292
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 4. Ononis arvensis L. (Fabaceae) - histo-anatomical and preliminary chromatographic researches - p. 300
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 5. Successful agricultural water management for water poor environments like konya basin, Turkey - p. 310
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 6. Research on the physiology of some woody species in the Comanesti hills from Mehedinti County, Romania - p. 321
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 7. Ecotechnological concepts for logging - p. 329
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 8. The forest soils from Arad County - p. 352
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 9. The floristic and vegetation study in the Banu Mărăcine viticultural center - p. 359
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 10. Describing forest soils from Galati Country - p. 369
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 11. Plantago genus collection species present in Alexandru Beldie Herbarium - p. 374
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 12. The influence of risk elements to the soil quality at the former mining areas in Slovakia - p. 380
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 13. Aspects regarding the desertification process in Oltenia Region, Romania - p. 393
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 14. Flowers and fruits variability of Convolvulus arvensis L. weed - p. 399
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 15. Studies on the monitoring and control of the species metcalfa pruinosa say (Homoptera: Flatidae) - p. 411
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 16. Hyperuricemia and its correlation with metabolic syndrome - p. 434
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 17. Study on knowledge and behavior towards oral hygiene rules - p. 442
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 18. Sustainability constrains of hydroponic helophyte biofilters in recirculated aquaculture - p. 450
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 19. Chromium bioaccumulation in three poaceae species - p. 462
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 20. Status of forest habitats the conservation identified in several protected areas from Oltenia Natira 2000 sites (I) - p. 472
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 21. Status of forest habitats the conservation identified in several protected areas from Oltenia Natira 2000 sites (II) - p. 479
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 22. Homeopathic effects of sodium chloride high dilutions on wheat seed germination and seedling growth - p. 487
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 23. Researches on the evolution of vine moth in the vineyard of S.D. Banu Maracine - p. 495
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 24. Monitoring of nitrates content of groundwater and surface water of Curtea de Argeș Municipality, Argeș Country - p. 503
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 25. Contributions to the study of the distribution of some insects species listed on iucn red list on the protected area slvostepa Olteniei - p. 509
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 26. Study on frequency and causes of anemia - p. 513
    Note conţinut (cuprins): 27. The effects of Cannabis sativa foliar tissues on soil organic matter biodegration and other soil chemical properties - p. 517
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Numere deţinute: Vol. XXIII (LIX)
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